V045 / V060 Engraving Tools

45o/60o / 90engraving tool with indexable carbide insert, excellent repeatability, reducing your presetting time, no resharpening required.

They offer you the ability to produce HIGH QUALITY ENGRAVING in most materials.
It performs excellently without producing any burrs, especially in copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

The latest coated carbide grades help you to obtain higher speed and feed rate,
    dramatically reducing your cycle time.
Each indexable insert has 2 or 4 cutting edges.

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- Very sharp cutting edge and cut very freely.
- High positive rake angle inserts suitable for various materials, .
ex : plastic, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, carbon steel & stainless steel..
- High quality engraving! Produce without burrs, excellent in copper, aluminum & stainless steel. .
- High speed, High feed rate! Up to 40,000 r.p.m..
- Efficient repeatability! Peripherally ground & multi-side grinding insert. .
- Time saving! No need to reset after changing insert or cutting edge, no re-sharpen required..
- Machining Wmin:0.45mm, Tmax : 2mm, best replaces ball nose end mill, first choice for engraving..
- Custom form is available (10°~120°), please go to “Engraving X060” page.



- Universal for marking number and almost any character.

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