Today’s machining industry is extremely deverse and trends and innovations are moving fast. Nine9 has achieved in a number of difficult machining applications, such as spotting, centering, chamfering, engraving and hole making for modern CNC machine tools.

Let Nine9 be your partner for the machine tool industry.

Our core team has decades of experience in the development of indexable cutting tool solutions to advise you and help you find the perfect machining solution.


On the path to sustainability at Nine9, we are striving to do the right thing so we’ve always tried to build Nine9 in a sustainable way. BY following the concept of SDGs, we have set up an indicator of Minimum Consumable Cutting (MCC), to measure the use of current cutting tool material.

"To reduce carbon, first reduce the amount". We have embraced the concept of MCC (Minimum Consumable Cutting) and set up an indicator to ourselves. Each Nine9 insert only takes <5% carbide raw material compared to a whole solid carbide tool and still can reach same performance, especially for the future product development.
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