Nine9 NC Helix Drill Insert for Different Cutters - Roughing cutter - T-slot cutter - Taper cutter
For machining an inclined hole, it normally needs a milling process to produce a small flat surface before drilling, and the straightness of inclin...
Nine9 Helix Drill_ Helical Interpolation and indexable center drill were successfully presented at IMTS 2018
Using NC Helix Drill to Optimize Machining Process
Nine9 NC Spot Drill, Indexable carbide engraving cutter, Chamfer Mill, NC Helix Drill ( helical interpolation ) and i-Center indexable center drill...
Nine9 carbide engraving cutter cutting aluminum on Focaseiki machining center
Nine9 cutting tools are showcasing at ExpoMaq 2018, México, by CUTTING TOOLS SA DE CV.
Nine9 cutting tools are showcasing at SIMTOS 2018, Korea by DOW TRADING CO.,
Our office will be closed from 13th Feb until 20th Feb. for Lunar New Year.
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