NC Helix Drill

NC Helix Drill - It cuts material by helical interpolation.
For rough milling, drilling and slotting.
● The serrated cutting edge makes cutting chip short and easily to be removed.
● Lower spindle power consumption is not a problem, good for drilling.
● Just one NC Helix Drill can machine different diameters and hole depths, also can performs multiple patterns, increase flexibility and occupy few tools in CNC machine.
● It is available with both external coolant supply and through tool coolant supply, making it adaptable to all Milling and CNC Machining centres.

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Lower Spindle Power Consumption Easy to cut!

+ Thanks to the small cutting load of the serrated cutting edge and helical
interpolation, low power consumption of the spindle is required.
+ Circular ramping milling, maximum ramping angle is 20°.
For example: tool HD27 machining Ø50 mm hole, 9 mm pitch for
aluminum, 6 mm pitch for carbon steel.

Only six tools for drilling Ø13~Ø65 mm.

+ Cuts by helical interpolation.
+ Each holder can machine different diameters and hole depths.

Special insert geometry for cutting different materials.

+ Serrated cutting edge makes the chips short and small, and easier to evacuate.
+ Eliminate swarf and vibration problems while drilling diffcult or deep holes.

One tool performs multiple applications.

+ Not only a drill, but an end mill too.
+ Small radius path to cut a hole or step hole, various curved cavity shapes
on different materials.

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