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MCC indicator_5% consumable

In recent years, carbon neutrality is a major subject for the worldwide countries. As of November 2021,
numerous countries have pledged carbon neutrality and set up a target year to complete their mission.
example, the EU has set a target and will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
Under the premise “First reduce what you can, then offset the remainder”, offsetting can be done by supporting a responsible carbon project or by buying carbon offset or carbon credits.
What we can do “ First reduce what you can ” ? We have asked ourselves.
As a manufacture of cutting tool, we always follow the footprint of going green of national policies and are gradually reducing unnecessary waste when we design our products.
It’s estimated that up to 80% of product’s environmental impacts are determined at the design phase. Our version is to become one of the leading brands of producing products by using minimum material consumption, not only to be friendly to environment but also reduction of the material usage to design a high productive cutting tool. It’s Nine9 business philosophy.
What is MCC Indicator

The products of indexable insert saves a lot of unnecessary material waste and allows resources to be more focused on providing more value to customers. For example, the same raw materials can only be used once in general solid carbide tool manufacturers, Nine9 uses the innovation of the design structure of indexable insert to make the same weight of raw materials can be used nearly 20 times, which greatly reduces the required raw materials consumption, reduces carbon emissions, and at the same time delivers performance that exceeds the expectations of customers.

The policy of carbon neutrality will have a significant impact on the carbon tariffs on all manufacturing industry and import- export commodities in the near future.
"To reduce carbon, first reduce the amount". We have embraced the concept of MCC (Minimum Consumable Cutting) and set up an indicator to ourselves. Each Nine9 insert only takes <5% carbide raw material compared to a whole solid carbide tool and still can reach same performance.

Nine9 MCC indicator

Let’s welcome the target of carbon neutrality in next 30 years, let’s start from by the concept of 
MCC (Minimum Consumable Cutting) first.

MCC Indicator with SDGs
MCC follows the concept of responsible consumption and production of SDGs to contribute to environment friendly in cutting tool industry.


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