Video Presentation of Ergo ER collet shank cutter, NC Helix drill, insert type center drill, NC spot drill and insert type engraving tool.
Nine9 new item- IC10 center drill, spotting and countersink. IC10 carbide insert include DIN 332 R type, A B type (60 120 deg) and 60, 90 and 12...
Drilling a Dia 40mm, depth 390mm hole on pulley ( material 39 NiCrMo3 ) by Nine9 super power drill. featuring by patented center pilot insert which...
How to solve these problems?? The drill was wraped by swarfs and scratch happen on workpiece, due to long cutting chips.
Grooving and logo carving all around the cylinder on face mask ultrasonic welding drum by Nine9 V045 Engraving tool
NC Helix Drill Excellent swarfs control for providing safe and rational chip removal for modern automation
The ER11, ER20 and ER25 collets are launched after ER16 collets released.
To Creat your Demo Kit You can choose tools from Ergo system and SLOKY torque screwdriver whatever you want.
Nine9 engraving tool can machine part marking on medical probes.
The Jin Hsiang used Ø6mm solid carbide end mill to cut alloy steel. After trying Ergo milling cutter, they found production time is shorten and g...
Clean hands protect against infection Protect yourself + Clean your hands regularly. + Wash your hands with soap and water, and dry them thoro...
Nine9 products are all made in Taiwan. And we assure that all our production and delivery schedule remains on time.
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