Ergo ER Taper-shank Indexable Cutters

Ergo indexable milling spotting chamfering cutter
" Ergo" is a new trademark of Nine9 for ER type indexable cutter. The cutter is assembly kit by the 3 parts including Ergo nut, high strength Ergo pin and Integrated ER taper. Patented design mechanism to produce high clamping Forces and high runout accurancy. Perfectly suitable for driven tools and spindles with ER interface of CNC turning centers and swiss type automatic lathes such as Star, Citizen, Tsugami, Doosan, Tornos, INDEX, EMAG and so on. The Ergo provides types ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25 taper-shank cutter. The ergo tooling include milling cutter, spot drill, chamfering tool, corner rounding, engraving tool, deburring tool and center drill.

An integrated ER taper- shank cutter, eliminate assembly tolerance.
A clamping force from the 3 parts including Ergo nut, high strength pin and ER taper when Ergo nut drives the pin to Ergo holder into ER taper.Ergo Monoblock cutter_ER16 12mm milling cutter
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Ergo ER16 Taper-shank cutter compare with spring collet
Optimize the rigidity ● An integrated ER taper- shank cutter, eliminate assembly tolerance.
● Coolant can be supplied through the center of the holder.
● Pre-balanced, ready for high speed machining.
● Increase tool life.
Ergo indexable cutter compare with solid carbide cutter
Easy and simple assembly ● A simple Ergo cutter has minimal assemble parts, changing tool takes just few seconds.
● Thanks to ER taper, the repeatability of assemble tolerance is ±0.1mm while changing same tool length Ergo holder.
Ergo ER collet Tooling
Quick change, saving huge machine downtime ● The simplest way to get tools on the machine.
● 3 fixed tool length groups of Ergo system.
● No need to reset tool length while changing tools in the same group.
Ergo excellent repeatability cutting tools
Excellent repeatability, saving set-up time. ● Indexable insert provides the greatest benefit of saving tool changing time and tool length setting time.
● The drilling depth is constant after change the insert or cutting edge.
Nine-9 Ergo 10mm milling cutter and 10mm end mill with  ER 16 spring collet
Dimension is not limited by the ER16 collet clamping range.● Ergo ER16 covers milling cutter range from 10 to 32mm.
● More efficiency and the possibilities to machine bigger parts.
● The shorter tool length, the better run-out accuracy.
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