NC Spot Drill

60° ~ 145° spotting angle with indexable carbide insert. Dia 1mm to 32mm (0.039" ~ 1.260"). Multi-funcational tools for spotting, chamfering and grooving.

• Time saving
   Have an indexable carbide inserts providing efficiency benefits. 
   Tool length is fixed while change insert or corner. No pre-setting time.
• Long tool life
    Special geometry and coated carbide insert. It runs in high speed and feed rate. It creates accurate center hole.
• Cost saving

   Cost savings for CNC lathes, CNC turning centres and machining centres.
   Spotting, chamfering, grooving, engraving, facing by one tool.
   Each insert has 2 or 4 cutting edge.

>> More information of spot drill apply for ER clamping structure, ex: BT30, driven tools, tapping and turning center.

Nine9 0.1mm mini spot drill

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Friendly use

One holder fit with multiple inserts.
Available shank diameter : Ø5, Ø6, Ø10, Ø12, Ø16, Ø25, Ø20mm
Ø3/8”, Ø1/2”, Ø5/8”, Ø1/4”, Ø3/4”, M5, M6 & M8.

  • •Multiple angles : 60°/82°/90°/100°/120°/142°/145°+90°
  • •Starter package is available
A New Drilling Concept!

0.5xD of spotting
Many drill manufacturers and suppliers state that their drills start drilling on the solid material. You can look forward to the following benefits when using the NC Spot Drill to drill a spot that is half of the drilling diameter.

Drill Benefits >>

- Higher feed rate.
Why? Because the drill is guided at the strongest part of cutting edge.
- Better center position.
Why? Because the spotting is done by a single cutting edge which is out of center,
and similar to boring operation. - Increased tool life.

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