Corner Rounding

Corner radius 0.5mm ~ 6.0mm, indexable carbide insert, various corner radius inserts can fit on same holder. Reduce your tool inventory. We provide R and RC types corner rounding carbide inserts to you.

• Type of RC
Combination corner rounding and 45° chamfering.
Very small X offset 1.25mm for radius 0.5, the small x offset allows for profiling in small corners. Each insert has 2 cutting edges.

• Type of R
For front and back chamfering. Each insert has 4 cutting edges.

[ NEW ] ER taper-shank corner rounding cutter -
ideal solution for BT30, driven tools, tapping and turning center.
+ An integrated ER taper-shank cutter, eliminate assembly tolerance.
+ Easy and simple assembly.
+ Excellent repeatability, saving set-up time.
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Monoblock cutter_corner rounding

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