Corner Rounding

Corner radius 0.5mm ~ 6.0mm, indexable carbide insert, various corner radius inserts can fit on same holder. Reduce your tool inventory. We provide R and RC types corner rounding carbide inserts to you.

• Type of RC
Combination corner rounding and 45° chamfering.
Very small X offset 1.25mm for radius 0.5, the small x offset allows for profiling in small corners. Each insert has 2 cutting edges.

• Type of R
For front and back chamfering. Each insert has 4 cutting edges.

[ Special Offer ] Radiu 1.0 ~ 3.0mm Corner rounding cutters are on sale.
+ Each insert has 2 cutting edges. One insert equal to 2 corner rounding end mill cutters.
For further information, Please contact us.

On sale Nine9 corner rounding cutter

Produce smooth and excellent surface finish on workpiece Inserts are CNC ground, create precision radius and location.

- Cost saving:
Each insert has 2 or 4 cutting edges.

- Long tool life:
Carbide insert, long tool life is guaranteed.

- Friendly use:
Various corner radius insert can fit on same holder
Utilizes standard NC Spot Drill holders 99616-06, 99616-14 & 99616-22.

For RC type
  • Tim Cheng
For R type
  • Tony Liu

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