Indexable carbide center drills. Pilot diameter Ø1mm ~ Ø10mm (0.039" ~ 0.394"). DIN 332 A, A+B, R forms and ANSI 60°.
The "i-Center" is a trademark of Nine9, the developer of the first indexable center drill in the world.(Patented)
Excellent repeatability! 0.02mm (0.0008") in radial direction, 0.05mm (0.002") axial positional accuracy.
High pressure coolant can be supplied through center directly to tip of center drill insert.
4 forms are available. DIN 332 form R, DIN 332 form A+B , DIN 332 form A and ANSI 60°.
No need tool length re-setting while tool changeovers, no-sharpening, save lot time!
>> More information of indexable center drill apply for ER clamping structure, ex: BT30, driven tools, tapping and turning center.
indexable center drill on citizen swiss type lathes

no reset and regrind of center drill

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High Speed, High Feed rate!
   ex: Drilling alloy steel at 6000 rpm, feed rate 600 mm/min (24 inch/min.), 0.1mm/rev (0.004 inch/rev.).
Remarkable tool life & performance!
   With coolant supplied directly through holder to cutting edge, the insert geometry, grade, and coating all develop specifically.
Suitable for various centering applications
   shafts of engine, transmission gear, bearings, motors, grinding parts, spindles, gear reducers, cooling fan, universal joints...
One holder can be used for various dimensions inserts.
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