2022 TIMTOS NEW- Front and back Deburring Mills


2022 TIMTOS New - Nine9 Front and back Deburring Mills
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smile 2022 TIMTOS NEW

Nine9 Deburring Mill
Front and back Deburring and thread milling in one operation.

Nine9 is pleased to launch the new Deburring Mill, for both front and back deburring and threading by one tool with no secondary burr formation. Two types of insert in 60 and 90 degrees. 3 different sizes of insert and holder.

● 60゜for threading application
+ Each insert has 6 flutes.
+ Thanks for special insert geometry and Nine9 clamping system to provide high precision and accurate position.
+ Deburring and threading can be done in one operation.
+ The smallest insert Ø5.0 can do M6xP0.75 internal threading and deburring.
+ For external different threading pitch can be done by NC programing. For example: Ø10.0mm insert can do external threading pitch from P1.25 to P2.0mm Save your tool inventory.

● 90゜Deburring Mill Insert
+ Front & back deburring in one operation
+ 6 cutting flutes provide for increased feed rate, optimized performance and reduced cycle time.
+ Minimum deburring bore from Ø3.9mm to Ø9.8mm

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