New item - 3 flutes with 2 cutting edges deburring carbide insert


Nine9 45 adn 90 degree NC Deburring carbide insert

Hot Product: Nine9 NC Deburring Tool

It is very popular tool for micro precision deburring. It runs high speed and high feed rate for deburring and chamfering on CNC machines. You can deburr sharp edges and difficult-to-access locations.

Indexable, high precision ground carbide insert. Relative position of deburring depth and diameter are accurate.
Fast, cost-effective, and good surface finish.

NC Deburring Tool has new member now, the new 3 flutes with 2 cutting edges insert, TiAlN coated. It is durable and stays very long tool life.

Two insert types of Nine9 NC Deburring Tool:
- 3 flutes, 2 cutting-edge. Economical choice (NEW)
- 6 flutes, single cutting-edge. Capable of running 6X higher feed rate

Apply for:
● Deburring and chamfering of drilled holes
● Internal and external contour deburring
● Use same holder of Nine9 X060 engraving tool

Nine9 NC Deburring tools


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