Successful Story- Nine9 cutting tools vs. car forged wheel


  Nine9 is reported by the latest issue of CommonWealth Magazine which is a famous business magazine in Taiwan. It has presented stories of Taiwanese companies, industries and Taiwan’s economic and social environment through comprehensive, in-depth reports.
The main story of latest issue is “Meet the 1000 ‘hidden champions’ behind Taiwan's electric car-making dream”. From hardware providers to software companies, Taiwanese “hidden champions” have rallied under the banner of electric vehicles. They can produce every part of the car, from top to bottom, from a small screw to whole car body, including internal combustion engine and electric system.
  Nine9 is honored to be one of the “hidden champions”, and is the only one indexable cutting tool supplier.   Car-Wheel-&-helix-milling-cutter_engraving
  As you already knew that Nine9’s V045 / V060 Engraving tool is a popular tool for mold and die in tire application, it can run at higher speed and axial depth of cut (AP) is up to 0.8mm to reduce cycle time with burr free. In addition, V045/V060 Engraving tool also can engrave serial
  number,sign logo or product info on wheel frame and rim in any kinds of steel, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel with unexpected high quality and time saving.  
  Nine9’s NC Helix Drill is another preferred tool for car wheel.

NC Helix Drill is applied to machining forged wheel for multi-stepped hole. NC Helix Drill has special insert geometry design, serrated cutting edge makes chips small and short, and easier to evacuate. Good for cutting material that generate long or soft chips, for example, aluminum alloy, the main material for forged wheel.
  With the development of automation production, forged wheel production is also automated. The subject of chip control and evacuation is increased significantly. Why chip evacuation is important? The reason is while automated machining, manufacturers don’t want to stop machine because of chip wrapped around tool or even scratch the forged wheel.  
  Furthermore, NC Helix Drill is capable of helical interpolation for milling, drilling and slotting with a single tool. It can optimize the machining process by tool saving from 4 to 2 tools and reduce the machining time by one operation.  
  ■ Application in Automotive Parts  
  Car-Wheel-&-helix-milling-cutter_ball surface rough machining  
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