Using NC Helix Drill produce an inclined hole


    Time Saving    
    Reduce machining process from 4 tools to 2 tools    
    OP 1 : Apply to a flat surface
OP 2 : Drilling
OP 3 : Rough Boring
OP 4 : Finish Boring

Machining time: 25mins.
OP 1 : NC Helix Drill
OP 2 : Finish Boring

Machining time: 7mins.
  For machining an inclined hole, it normally needs a milling process to produce a small flat surface before drilling, and the straightness of inclined hole is always an issue that it is not easy to produce than any other conventional drilling.

NC Helix Drill is truly a multi-functional tool which is capable of helical interpolation for milling, slotting, and drilling. Small cutting load, low spindle power and special serrated cutting edge help to generate an inclined hole while maintaining an accurate diameter and straightness, also leads to a higher surface finish.

Only needs 6 tools for drilling holes from 13 to 65mm. Reducing your tool inventory greatly and machining time.  


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