Enlarge a deep hole (6xD) in stainless steel by NC Helix Drill


NC Helix Drill successful results in eaglburgmann Pune.

Enlarge a deep hole, diameter from existing 15 to 29mm with drilling depth 105mm (6xD).

│ Machine : Vmc
│ Material: Stainless steel
│ Diameter: Predrilled 15mm enlarge to 29mm
│ Depth: 105mm
│ S : 1685 rpm
│ F : 168 mm/min.
│ Pitch : 1.5mm

Nine9 NC Helix Drill has special insert design with serrated cutting edge makes chips small, short, and manageable. NC Helix Drill has been designed to optimize #chip_removal performance while cutting long chip or difficult cut materials. Low spindle power consumption, low cutting resistance for deep hole drilling. One tool performs multiple applications and different conditions.


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