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Engraving tools with indexable carbide inserts using on tire molding

Nine9 indexable Engraving tools“Great advantages”. - such as raising the stability of cutter using lives and cutting down engraving work processes.

.....President Nakamura, who literally converted himself from a seller to a manufacturer, comments that manufacturing is “the ultimate business operation. Responsibility rests in all results and conclusions.”

Shinko Molding, which was established in 1971, makes metal parts, designs and manufactures all types of fixing tools, and processes machine parts, mainly metal moldings for tire manufacture.

“Tire molding”, the moldings for tire manufacture, includes the product lineup of passengers, container molds, 2P molds, OTR, and AG molds. Companys that purchase these products include big names such as Sumitomo Rubber, Yokohama Rubber, Toyo Rubber, and Mitsubishi (Kobe Shipyard)……

With around twenty rivals in the nation, Shinko stands proud as the top share in the independent system category. “Almost all the mass production of tires has been shifted to overseas. 80% of the manufacturer supplies come from overseas and only 20% is domestic”. So, tire manufacturers are making money, but the tire rubber industry has been decreasing in its numbers. Shinko kept its partnerships with major manufacturers and its top market share……

Nine9 of Taiwan which raised the voice of “cutting edge” and produced the “indexable engraving tools”. This “world’s first” indexable engraving tools series uses ultrafine carbide grade and the newest coating technology to realize high-efficiency and high speed processing. Not only it is a tool which shortens work cycles, but also has the great advantages of having positive rake angles to increase sharpness and having specially craved inserts on both sides to prevent burrs. It is also economic as it can be used from two corners, and it has great application, capable of engraving various fonts and types……

“Until now, engraving has been done manually. After the introduction of Nine9 indexable engraving tool into operation, scatters can be reduced and it can be estimated that the cutters can have a more stable lifetime. This advantages is huge." said by president Nakamura.

As “cutting down engraving work” is also an important factor for no-man operation of machines, the indexable engraving tools are having their presence felt on sites of Shinko Molding, and their importance is increasing day by day.

~ Excerpt from User’s Newsletter in JAPAN

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