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0.5mm to 32mm Deburring and Chamfering tool


0.5mm to 32mm chamfering tool
With a suite of Nine9 Deburring and chamfering tools to match every scenario and material, no matter front and back deburring or contour chamfering, all can be finished to exacting standards in a fast and simple manner – upgrading your machining process without manpower shortage, negating precision and accuracy.

● NC Deburring 60° / 90°
Ideal for fine hole deburring. The smallest chamfer diameter can be Ø0.5mm.
Two insert types of Nine9 NC Deburring
▪ 3 flutes, 2 cutting-edge. Economical choice
▪ 6 flutes, single cutting-edge. Capable of running 6X higher feed rate

● Deburring Mill
Front and back Deburring and thread milling in one operation.
6 cutting flutes provide higher feed rate, optimized performance and reduced cycle time.
▪ 60゜deburring mill for front and back deburring also for threading application. The smallest insert Ø5.0mm can do M6xP0.75 internal threading and deburring.
▪ 90゜deburring mill can do front and back deburring and chamfering in one operation. Minimum deburring bore from Ø3.8mm to Ø10mm.

● 45° Chamfer Mill
Nine9 Chamfer Mill is an efficient front and back chamfering tool that is design to use for high speed machining. Without any need to turn the work piece or to stop the spindle, it removes the burrs and chamfers the edges quickly and easily. Chamfering size from Ø7mm to Ø32mm.

The Nine9 deburring and chamfering tool has been designed for automatic operation involving large production lots. All are indexable insert type for reducing tool changeover time and setting time. It is a convenient solution for any manufacturing environment. No need to choose Nine9 does it all.


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