NC Deburring

  • Nine9 NC Deburring Bits
  • • 6 flutes cutting, 6x higher feed rate for high speed deburing on CNC machines.
  • • Indexable type. Relative position of deburring depth and diameter are accurate.
  • • Ideal for fine hole deburring.
  • • 60° & 90° are available.
  • • Using same tool holder of X060 engraving tool.
  • [ NEW ] ER taper-shank style for deburring tool -
    ideal solution for BT30, driven tools, tapping and turning center.
    + An integrated ER taper-shank cutter, eliminate assembly tolerance.
    + Easy and simple assembly.
    + Excellent repeatability, saving set-up time.
    >> click link for more information.
  • Nine9 NC Deburring and chamfering tools
Applications :
  • Provides high rigidity and anti-vibration.
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STEP Part No Insert Size Ød L Shank
99619-X060-06 X060A60T6 / X060A90T6 6mm (0.236”) 40mm (1.575") Steel type
99619-X060-06L X060A60T6 / X060A90T6 6mm (0.236”) 60mm (2.362”) Carbide Type
- 99619-X060-06LS X060A60T6 / X060A90T6 6mm (0.236”) 60mm (2.362”) Steel type
● NC2032 : K20F grade. TiAlN coated carbide insert can stand very long life.
● Each insert with 6 flutes, single edge.

Nine9 60 and 90 degree NC Deburring and chamfering Nine9 NC Deburring carbide insert

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Angle Part No Grade Coating Tmax. Tmin. Workpiece material
60° X060A60T6 NC2032 TiAlN 1.9mm (0.075") 0.1mm (0.004") PMK
90° X060A90T6 NC2032 TiAlN 2.0mm (0.079") 0.5mm (0.020") PMK
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