Deburring Mill for Side Grooving - Tool Life Challenge


Deburring Mill_Side grooving for linear motion components

Workpiece: Linear Motion Components
Operation: Side Grooving
Material: S55C /SAE 1055/CK55/1.1203

Our client, a leading brand in Taiwan specializing in linear motion, precision components and automation parts, tried to use 99616-C10 chamfer mill cutter for side grooving but tool life wasn’t greater than their expectation. After we introduced the new Deburring Mill 99626 type, the only mission is to increase tool life and speed up the side grooving process because of their substantial daily production demands. It’s a challenge to increase productivity!

We started the first tool is
99626-CR10-070, OAL 70mm, overhang length 30mm.
The result was truly remarkable: An impressed 430% improvement in tool life.
And further development is to have shorter overhang length.
Improved by 99626-CR10-040, OAL 40mm, overhang length 10mm.
An increditable tool life increased 600%.

These results achieved our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and maximizing manufacturing productivity for our valued clients.

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