NEW IC10 Spot Drill – 60° / 90° / 120°


Nine9 New 60 90 120 degree Spot and countersink  drill

Nine9 i-Center is a revolutionary design of center drill, it is the first indexable center drill in the world; NC Spot Drill is the classic model of Nine9 since 2001 and has been a mature and well-known product in the market.

The New IC10 Spot Drill is the expansion product that combined all the benefits of i-Center and NC Spot Drill – Strong tip, indexable type, 2 flutes cutting, high accuracy and very long tool life.

IC10 spot drill has a 120 degree point angle at the tip, thanks to the exclusive geometry that allowed less tool wear and extended longer tool life. Two cutting flutes design facilitate high performance speed and feed rate to increase productivity. No offset, and high machining performance.

The IC10 holder is available with
♦️ 12mm weldon shank
♦️ ER16 Ergo tapper shank: more rigidity, suitable for driven tools and spindles with ER interface. (G6.3 pre-balanced, with internal coolant)

IC10 center drill DIN332 Form R and Form A+B insert is also available to fit on same holder.

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