Side Lock Shank

  • Side Lock Shank

NC Helix Drill- Side lock shank,
not only a drill, but an end mill too.

  • • 25 mm (0.984 inch) shank diameter.
  • ● One tool for 42mm to 65mm ( 1.654 inch ~ 2.559 inch ) drilling diameter.
  • ● 50 mm (1.969 inch) Max. milling depth.
  • ● Designed for CNC machines with internal coolant.
  • ● Thanks to the small cutting load of the serrated cutting edge and helical interpolation low power consumption. Work smarter and achieve better results.
  • ● Serrated cutting edge makes chips small and short, excellent chip control.
  • ● Able to cut different materials. ex: Alloy Steel, Stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, titanium, TiAl6V4, Inconel and hardened.
  • ● Maximum 9° Ramping Angle.
Helical Interpolation_Side lock shank.
● With Internal Coolant.
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Part No Insert Size ØDc L L1 Drilling dia. (mm) Max drill depth
99321-025-4265 N9MX12T308 33 130 74 42 - 65 50
  • NC2032 : K20F, TiAlN coating.
    Design for high performance cutting, special good for cast iron and hardened material <HRC50°.
  • NC5072 : P40, TiAlN coating.
    General purpose, suitable for almost all kind of steel, stainless steel and Titanium.
    Recommended while clamping devices is weak or apply on low power machines or deep hole drilling.
  • Each insert has 2 cutting edges.
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Part No Grade Coating Max. Pitch Workpiece material
N9MX12T308 NC2032 TiAlN 9.0 PKNH
N9MX12T308 NC5072 TiAlN 9.0 PMKNS
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