Ergo Indexable center drills for Swiss Machines

Ergo i-Center includeing Ø1mm to Ø3.15mm the R type, A+B type indexable center drill and 60°, 90° & 120° Spot & Chamfer carbide insert.
Ergo integrate the indexable carbide insert design to apply on Swiss type lathes.
The big advantage is no need to re-set tool length when change insert.
Saving huge reset time and stop machine frequency. (compared to HSS tool).

Ergo i-Center Inserts

DIN332 Form R - 1mm to 3.15mm dia. indexable centre drill_ insert NC2057
  • NC2057: 2 cutting edges, P35 grade ALL coating, for IC10 inserts.
        For carbon steel, alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous provides a smooth cutting and helps the cutting chip to be removed easily.
  • 2 cutting flutes design same as carbide center drill for high performance speed and feed rate.
  • • Forms are available: DIN 332 form R, DIN 332 form A+B and 60°, 90° & 120° Spotting & Chamfering.

Ergo i-Center Holders:
Pilot diameter Ø1mm ~ Ø3.15mm of insert (0.039" ~ 0.124"). All are interchangeable on same holder.

• • The tool length and tool diameter selection is restricted by the limited space on Swiss type lathe. Ergo can solve this problem, we start with ER16.
AS long as it complies with ER16 specifications, you may use Ergo in lathes or milling machines. Main applications on Swiss Type, tapping center / standard ER16 collet chuck.
+ Center coolant / Pre-balanced G6.3, 10,000 r.p.m.

center drill for ER16
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