82 Degree NC Spot Drill - spotting diameter 9~14mm

  • 82° NC Spot Drill

Max. Hole: Ø14mm (0.551")

Tool holder:99619-V082 series with 82 degree indexable carbide insert: V0820802/V08212T3

  • • Match the geometry of Amercian standard flat head screw hole.
  • • Special geometry with supporting edges for using in high speed machining.
  • •Spotting, engraving, grooving and chamfering on milling machines, machining centers.
  • •Spotting, facing on CNC Lathes.
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STEP Part No Insert Size Ød L Dmax. Tmax.
99619-V082-3/8 V0820802 3/8" 90 9 (0.354") 4.8 (0.189")
99619-V082-5/8 V08212T3 5/8" 100 14 (0.551") 7.5 (0.295")
Nine9 82 deg spotting carbide insert_depth 9 Nine-9 82 deg carbide spotting chamfering insert_depth 14
-Match the geometry of American standard flat head screw hole
-Supported edges, good for high speed machining.
  • NC5071 : K20F grade, for unhardened steel & cast iron.
  • NC9076 : K20F grade, for non-ferrous material.

-Each insert has 2 cutting edges.
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Part No Grade Coating Workpiece material
V0820802 NC5071 TiN PMKN
V0820802 NC9076 DLC MNS
V08212T3 NC5071 TiN PMKN
V08212T3 NC9076 DLC MNS
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