Engraving Tool 45°

  • Engraving Tool 45°

Carbide shank holder with 45 degree engraving carbide inserts.

  • • Economical! Each indexable insert has 2 cutting edges. No resharpening required. Tool length is unchanged.
  • • Suitable for engraving all types of materials, such as plastic, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel. It performs excellently without producing any burrs, especially in copper, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • • High Speed, High Feed Rate. Designed to run at high speed, up to 40,000 r.p.m. Reduces engraving cycle time!
  • • No need to reset after changing insert or cutting edge.
Carbide shank holders designed for shrink-fi t holder, engraving machines, high speed cutting.
XL (100mm length) is only for AI, AI-alloy cutting, unbalanced
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STEP Part No Insert Size Ød L
99619-V045-06 V04506T1W06 6 40
99619-V045-06L V04506T1W06 6 60
99619-V045-06XL V04506T1W06 6 100
  • NC2032 : K20F grade, for steel from 30~50 HRC, carbon steel, alloy steel & cast iron.
  • NC2071 : K20F grade, for steel < 30 HRC, non-ferrous metal & stainless steel.
  • NC9031 : K20F grade, for non-ferrous, ex : aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, plastic & acrylic.
    Sharp edge for shallow engraving.
    Each insert has 2 cutting edges.
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Part No Grade Coating Tmax. Wmin. Wmax Tmin. Workpiece material
V04506T1W06 NC2071 TiN 2.0 0.65 2.1 0.20 PMN
V04506T1W06 NC2032 TiAlN 2.0 0.65 2.1 0.20 PMK
V04506T1W06 NC9031 TiN 2.0 0.45 2.1 0.05 MN
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