60 Degree X060 Engraving Tool

  • 60 Degree X060 Engraving Tool

6mm Carbide shank with 60 degree engraving carbide inserts.

  • Each indexable insert has 2 cutting edges.
  • •Fine engraving 0.2mm bottom width with narrow angle 60°.  Two type of forms for your option - radius angled and radius.
  • •Suitable for engraving all types of materials, such as plastic, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • •The latest coated carbide grades help you to obtain higher speed and feed rate, dramatically reducing your cycle time.
  • •One holder supports the entire X060 series of engraving inserts.
  • •Also using for deburring tool.
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Part No Insert Size Ød L Shank
99619-X060-06 X060 series 6 40 Steel
99619-X060-06L X060 series 6 60 Carbide
99619-X060-06LS X060 series 6 60 Steel
60_degree_X060_Drag Engravers_insert type
• NC2032:
For all kinds of steel from < 40 HRC, carbon steel, alloy steel,and cast iron.
• NC2035:
ALDURA coating, reduces heat and tool wear.
For steel with heat treatment up to 56 HRC.
• XP9001:
Mirror polished, for non-ferrous metal, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, acrylic.
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Part No Grade Coating Tmax. Wmin. Wmax Re R max. Depth Workpiece material
X060A60W020R NC2032 TiAlN 1.0 0.2 1.36 0.04 - PMK
X060A60W020R NC2035 ALDURA 1.0 0.20 1.36 0.04 - PKH
X060A60W020R XP9001 Polished 1.0 0.20 1.36 0.04 - N
X060A60R020_Radius form NC2032 TiAlN 1.0 - 1.39 0.2 0.10 PMK
X060A60R020_Radius form NC2035 ALDURA 1.0 - 1.39 0.2 0.10 PKH
X060A60R020_Radius form XP9001 Polished 1.0 - 1.39 0.2 0.10 N
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